Westman Atelier

For the past ten years or so, the requests we get for “clean” beauty have grown exponentially, and over the years, I have tried several lines in an attempt to find a line that performs. Innovations in skincare have been numerous; I’ve found brands that perform just as well as their more chemically based competitors. RMS was one such success. The line certainly performs and is a top seller at Bellacara. The packaging is simple and functional. What I had been unable to find, however, was a clean line that not only performed but was also luxurious.

Let’s face it, putting on makeup is a nearly daily experience for most of us. It’s nice to reach into a drawer or a cosmetic bag and pull out an item that looks as good as it works. So I could not have been more excited when I came across Westman Atelier. I think I may have actually heard angels singing. When I first saw the brand, I immediately wanted to try it based on the packaging alone. I know, I know. But in fairness, we do that with everything don’t we? Clothes, shoes, furniture. If performance were tantamount, we’d all have microfiber recliners in our living rooms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s how you roll. Except, yeah…there kind of is. That’s what basements are for, people.

This line is no basement dweller. You know, the products that work well but have horrendous packaging, so you never leave them out on your vanity. This isn’t that. This is the one you want to keep in a pretty tray on your vanity because it looks like décor. The weighted gold compact alone should grace everyone’s counter top. It looks like a piece of art.

Here’s the best part. They won’t have to be dusted. They won’t have to be dusted because you will pick them up every single day. I know it’s a big claim, but I feel very confident in making it. The vital skin foundation literally melts into your skin and while it gives you decent coverage, it doesn’t look like you are wearing foundation at all.

The blush sticks are the most gorgeous colors and are so pigmented that a mere dot on the skin blends out to the perfect natural flush. The bronzer / highlighter looks good on everyone’s skin tone and is a must-have product.

I could go on and on…and I would, but the best way to really learn about it is to experience it. As one of only a handful of independent retailers nationally to carry the line, we are so excited to show it to you.